Locally Grown Flowers

North Carolina locally grown dahlias.

Are you a local florist, wedding designer, or just someone who loves locally grown flowers?  Dahlias are stunning and breathtaking and bloom throughout the summer until frost.  Many brides want dahlias for their wedding bouquet.  Dahlias come in all shapes and sizes giving you many options.  They add such sophistication and elegance to a floral arrangement.  They are captivating in a vase on your kitchen table. 

Gorgeous selection of dahlias.

Would you love having fresh beautiful product to work with. We will offer the best of what is in bloom on the farm weekly.  Are you looking for something new and different? A local florist made this comment "With these beautiful dahlias you can make each arrangement special and unique. "

Need dahlias for a wedding or event?

We grow dahlias that you normally do not see at your larger flower wholesaler.  I am growing 5000 dahlias in 2020.  For large dahlia orders for a wedding or event, please contact me.  You can message me through Instagram or email me at  info@mygardenbee.com.  We can discuss delivery if you are located in the Greensboro or Winston-Salem area.   For orders of 50 flowers or less, we offer the wholesale buyer's pass where you can purchase flowers at the farm on specific Thursdays. You will have a vast variety of dahlias to choose from in our processing room at the farm.

wholesale buyer's pass

Purchase locally grown flowers at the farm.

You can purchase a wholesale buyer's pass and buy beautiful fresh dahlias and other flowers weekly at our farm during the flower season.  The cost of the membership pass is $39.00.  This pass will allow you to purchase locally grown flowers at the farm on Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon for about 11 weeks from July 23rd to October 8th. The flowers will be available in our flower processing area.  The exact dates are dependent on mother nature so they could change.  If flowers are available before or after this timeline, I will notify you by email.  You will be able to purchase an assortment of forms, sizes, and colors of dahlias. This will be the only time the farm is open to the public. Our farm is private and not open to the public at any other time. During the month of July, we should have lisianthus also available. We should have silver drop eucalyptus available from late July until October.  Eucalyptus and lisianthus are $1.00 per stem . All dahlias are $1.25 per stem. We accept cash, check, or credit card. You will need to bring your own buckets. The wholesale buyer’s pass is good for only the 2020 flower season. This pass allows you to purchase dahlias, lisianthus, and eucalyptus at the farm.

Beautiful dahlias.

I grow over 100 varieties of dahlias.  Dahlias are so fascinating.  You will  see an incredible range of blooms from small, medium, and large dahlias in all colors.  Dahlias come in a wide array of colors from pastels to vibrant dark red colors.  All flowers are harvested early in the morning and placed in clean buckets of water and flower food.  They are stored in a walk-in cooler .  They will be displayed in our air-conditioned processing room.  Bring your own buckets and pick out what you would like for yourself or to share with your customers.   Follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I will be posting pictures of our flowers and the cut flower field throughout the year.

Terms and conditions.

There are no refunds, either full or partial, for cancellation of your membership once purchased.   Please remember this is based on seasonal conditions and product availability.   I will communicate to you via email to inform members of any updates or changes.    The farm is only open during the time frame shown on Thursdays from July 23rd through October 8th and from 9:00 a.m. to noon.  By purchasing this membership, you are agreeing to arrive at the farm during that period of time.   There are risks in farming.  As a member you are understanding that there could be poor harvests due to a natural disasters such as a fire, flood, or drought.  Please bring photo identification with you.  Please remember this pass is for the purchaser only.  No pets or young children allowed.  There are no public bathroom facilities on the farm.